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Lunch Program

Due to funding from the USDA, breakfast and lunch will now be available at no cost to all Hinsdale students.  This opportunity will continue as long as funding is available or until December 31, 2020 whichever is sooner.  If funding ends before December 31, 2020 we will announce it as soon as we are notified by the USDA.


Opt – In Lunch Delivery

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, please be advised that the emergency & summer food service programs have reverted back to the normal breakfast and lunch programs. If your child’s status is “paid”, pre-payment is preferred OR money must be maintained on the account. Meal costs will be charged to student accounts for any in-school meals or meals delivered to your home. Please email if you would like to opt into the home delivery program or have any further questions.