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  • Vision Statement: Hinsdale CSD will be a premier rural school district where all students excel. 

    Mission Statement: Our Hinsdale CSD community engages, educates, and prepares all students for the future to succeed in a competitive world. 

    Core Beliefs: We are….

    Balanced                                Perseverant

    Optimistic                               Respectful

    Benevolent                              Inspired

    Creative                                  Dedicated

    Academic                                Enthusiastic


    • A lifelong learner is balanced in academic, extra-curricular activities, family and community.
    • An optimistic school community looks forward to its successful future.
    • Benevolence strengthens the sense of community.
    • Creativity is welcomed and encouraged.
    • Academics are fundamental for success.
    • Trustworthy individuals hold the key to respect.
    • Perseverance leads to success.
    • A respectful school environment is imperative for everyone’s learning.
    • Inspired learners of all ages are engaged.
    • Dedicated stakeholders create/inspire motivation.
    • Being enthusiastic is inspiring and contagious.