• From the Superintendent….

    Dear Families of Hinsdale CSD,

    As I write this, we plan on opening on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 using a Hybrid Model of Instruction, as discussed on our recent Zoom meetings (which will continue through this pandemic) and outlined in detail in the documents on our school website.

    Due to New York State Education Department (NYSED) and Department of Health mandated safety requirements which specifically decreases pupil density and increases social distancing, we are planning to open school this fall with an AB/Zoom/AB Hybrid Schedule.  This model allows 50% of students to attend each session. In addition, we plan on keeping families together. A days would correspond to Monday/Thursday; B days would correspond with Tuesday/Friday. Wednesday would be a Zoom day for all students. This model’s strength is that students have academics spread out throughout the week in terms of direct teacher contact which increases overall student engagement. In addition to enhanced daily cleaning, we would complete a “deep clean” on Wednesday evening (second shift) when no one is in the building and before the next AB session begins.  

    Fixed instrumental monitors will take student temps daily prior to students leaving their bus. In addition, if needed, monitors (person) outside the bus will be able to take a second reading with a hand held temperature monitor unit before the students enter the school. Parents will be encouraged to complete a daily health screening of their child before sending to school. A specific entrance will be designated for parent drop off/pick-up and will have monitors to take temps in the morning.

    We will use schedule A, which gives us time in the morning by shortening each period during the day a few minutes in order to accommodate the daily morning screening process. See page 34 for of the re-opening plan posted on our website for the specific times.

    We are strongly encouraging families to drive kids to school.  All self-contained special education students and BOCES students will meet 5 days per week. All other students will attend in person 2 days with 3 days of remote instruction. Teachers will attend 5 days per week, Monday-Friday.

    As mentioned earlier, I will continue to have regular Zoom sessions throughout this pandemic crisis to monitor our progress and keep in communication with everyone. As we go down this path, we may need to fine tune and adjust our plans.

    Finally, our overall goal at Hinsdale CSD is to have 100% of our students attend school on-site, Monday through Friday. We firmly believe that this is best for the social, emotional and academic well-being of all students.

    Take care and be safe,

    Larry Ljungberg

    Strategic Plan Implementation

    During the 2018-2019 school-year, we (faculty, staff, students, community, administration and BOE) worked very hard implementing year 6 of the Strategic Plan.  Our main focus was the five main task groups, which are Academic, Financial, Student Engagement, Community Engagement and Safety. In addition, we worked hard on continuing to develop the elementary, middle and high school professional learning communities or PLC’s. The PLC groups have successfully focused on Writing, ELA and Math Initiatives, Consistent Student Instruction (Explicit Direct Instruction), and Culture (Growth Mindset and Restorative Practices).

    Research has proven that engaged students simply perform better and are happier individuals. In fact, Hinsdale CSD’s Grade 3-8 NYS Test Scores are among the highest in the area!

    Below is a quick overview of our time frame, vision statement, mission statement, core beliefs, core belief statements, 21st Century Skills, and most importantly, our Task Force Areas.

    Strategic Plan - Hinsdale Central School

    Time frame: 2014-2020                                                                   

    Vision Statement: Hinsdale CSD will be a premier rural school district in New York State by  2020.

    Mission Statement: Our Hinsdale community engages and inspires all students to be responsible, respectful 21st Century Learners prepared to succeed in a competitive world.

    Core Beliefs: We are….

    Balanced                                 Perseverant

    Optimistic                               Respectful

    Benevolent                              Inspired

    Creative                                  Dedicated

    Academic                                Enthusiastic


    • A lifelong learner is balanced in academic, extra-curricular activities, family and community.
    • An optimistic school community looks forward to its successful future.
    • Benevolence strengthens the sense of community.
    • Creativity is welcomed and encouraged.
    • Academics are fundamental for success.
    • Trustworthy individuals hold the key to respect.
    • Perseverance leads to success.
    • A respectful school environment is imperative for everyone’s learning.
    • Inspired learners of all ages are engaged.
    • Dedicated stakeholders create/inspire motivation.
    • Being enthusiastic is inspiring and contagious.

    21st Century Learning Skills 

    • Ways of Thinking: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning.
    • Ways of Working: communication and collaboration.
    • Tools for Working: information and communications technology and information literacy.
    • Skills for Living in the World: citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility. 

    Focus Areas Identified as follows:

    1. Academic High Performance
    2. Student Engagement
    3. Fiscal Stewardship
    4. Connected Community
    5. Risk Management/Safety

    We are very excited to start on implementing year 7 this endeavor. Our plan is to continue to emphasize “quality over quantity” and to do all things together as a faculty, in order to maximize the lasting potential for our students. One of our main PLC focus points for the upcoming school year is continuing to implement our past initiatives and introduce Restorative Practices.  

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the following PLC facilitators were identified: in grades preK-3, Christine Goodling (3) and Jenny Bergstrom (1); in grades 4-6, Sara Centanni (5) and Karen-Layman Woolston (6); and in grades 7-12, Warren Schulze (Science grades 7-12) and Jennifer Glover (Spanish Teacher grades 7-12). 

    In conclusion, we look forward with anticipation in serving the children and young adults again passing through our doors this fall. Keeping in mind the goals we have for all students – an education which will take them from where they are now and moving them into the future equipped with the 21st Century Skills they need for success.