• Hello! My name is Kristen Nawrot and I am the school psychologist. I work with students in grades Pre-K through 12. Please feel free to reach out for support from me by calling my office directly at (716) 557-2227 (Extension 412). You can also reach me by e-mail using either knawrot@hcsbobcats.org or kristen_nawrot@caboces.org


    I am given the unique opportunity to get to know each of our students early on through the Pre-School and Kindergarten screening process and greatly enjoy welcoming your child to the district. I also have the privilege of assisting our elementary counselor, Mr. Cuddy with the elementary character education program (Pre-K through 6th graders). This year we have worked on teaching our young bobcats about Grit, Gratitude, Positivity, Confidence, and Self-Control. We have worked hard at continuing to celebrate our student successes by continuing our Character Assemblies in a virtual format and sure hope that they have enjoyed these celebrations! 


    I also work directly with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) Department to complete our district's student evaluations that assess for behavioral, cognitive, social and emotional needs. Additionally, I work hand-in-hand with teachers to create individualized behavior plans as needed and also enjoy being a part of our district's Response to Intervention (RTI) team to help promote a tiered response to student academic needs. 


    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are concerned about your own child's mental health and well being. My office is located in the high school guidance suite where I work directly with our school's high school guidance counselor to offer support to our secondary students as needed. We work hard to address student needs in a private and flexible manner. At this time, we understand that many families are facing challenges and may benefit from additional support. 


    Below are some wonderful resources to help in better supporting your search for a local area mental health provider, suicide prevention services,  support for those struggling with addiction, grief, anxiety, and many more avenues for assistance within our community. 

    Mental Health Community Schools Resources