• To all students and families:  Please understand that just because school isn't in regular session doesn't mean that we aren't still able to learn!  All students have been given something to read (in Spanish) and they should be taking notes on their reading so they remember what they have read.  Since we aren't sure when we will be going back, the notes should be good and really be able to jog the brain so they could answer quiz questions correctly, or if I have to collect them without seeing the child, I could determine whether they understood the reading or notFlipGrid is also continuing for Spanish I and III classes, but no longer close after a week is up.  Students should work on them, old and new (I will drop a new one on Thursdays,) if they are able so they are ready for any end-of-the-year exams.  Please see the individual section to the left for your class to find filled in versions of old vocabulary and grammar sheets for the year.  If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail me at jglover@hcsbobcats.org

Office Hours

Yo enfrente de una statua de Colón en el parque en Sevilla.

Doña Glover

  • Welcome to my home page!  I have lived in Cattaraugus County for the majority of my life and my family is also from this area.  I attended Nazareth College of Rochester for my undergrad work and Grand Canyon University for my graduate degree.  I have taught in two very diverse school districts, one in Newport News, VA (for 3 years) and the other in Portville, NY (for 5 years).  I have taught all levels of high school and middle school Spanish and my speciality is Advanced Spanish Literature.  I enjoy teaching because the kids continually amaze me with their intelligence, creativity, and heart.  I have been teaching the entire foreign language department at Hinsdale Central School since 2016.  If you need to contact me, the best way is through e-mail and my address is: jglover@hcsbobcats.org

Teacher's Schedule

  • Homeroom 7:56-8:04

    Period 1 - 8:06-8:49


    Period 2 - 8:51-9:34

    Spanish IV

    Period 3 - 9:37-10:20

    Spanish I

    Period 4 - 10:22-11:05

    Spanish III

    Period 5-1  - 11:07-11:37


    Period 5-2 - 11:39-12:20


    Period 5-3  - 12:20-12:41

    Hall Duty

    Period 6 - 12:44-1:27

    Spanish I

    Period 7 - 1:30-2:13

    Study Hall

    Period 8 - 2:16-2:59

    Spanish II