• Updated 9-2-2021:  This year is going to be very different from both last year and all of the years previous to that.  If you have any questions or problems, please e-mail me at jglover@hcsbobcats.org or feel free to call the school (where you will most likely have to leave me a message) at 557-2227 x265.

Office Hours

  • Office hours will be held most Tuesdays from 3-4pm this year. To see my office hours, please click here.  If, Coronavirus rears it´s ugly head again, instead of in-person office hours, we will do online office hours.   

Yo enfrente de una statua de Colón en el parque en Sevilla.

Doña Glover

  • Welcome to my home page!  I have lived in Cattaraugus County for the majority of my life and my family is also from this area.  I attended Nazareth College of Rochester for my undergrad work and Grand Canyon University for my graduate degree.  I have taught in two very diverse school districts before teaching at Hinsdale, one in Newport News, VA (for 3 years) and the other in Portville, NY (for 5 years).  I have taught all levels of high school and middle school Spanish and my speciality is Advanced Spanish Literature.  I enjoy teaching because the kids continually amaze me with their intelligence, creativity, and heart.  I have been teaching the entire foreign language department at Hinsdale Central School since 2016.  If you need to contact me, the best way is through e-mail and my address is: jglover@hcsbobcats.org

Teacher's Schedule

  • Homeroom 7:56-8:04

    Period 1 - 8:06-8:49 

    Spanish 2

    Period 2 - 8:51-9:34

    Spanish 1

    Period 3 - 9:37-10:20


    Period 4 - 10:22-11:05

    Spanish 5

    Period 5-1 - 11:07-11:37


    Period 5-2  - 11:39-12:09


    Period 5-3 - 12:11-12:41


     Period 6 - 12:44-1:27

    Spanish I

    Period 7 - 1:30-2:13

    Spanish 3

    Period 8 - 2:16-2:59

    Spanish 4