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Staff Directory

Bobcat Staff Members
First Name Last Name email Role
Michael Ackerman mackerman@hcsbobcats.org Counselor/Guidance-Secondary
Jennifer Bergstrom jbergstrom@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - 1st grade
Sarah Blazejewski sblazejewski@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- 5th Grade
Christopher Blocher cblocher@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - Physical Education
Christine Campbell ccampbell@hcsbobcats.org Social Worker
Kristina Cashimere kcashimere@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- 6th Grade
Sara Centanni scentanni@hcsbobcats.org Technology
Lisa Clayson lclayson@hcsbobcats.org Secretary
Aron Cole acole@hcsbobcats.org Principal
Mark Crino mcrino@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - Social Studies
Tricia DeCapua tdecapua@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - Kindergarten
Sabrina Dunn sdunn@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- 5th Grade
Juliann Fair jfair@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - Special Education
Megan Fee mfee@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - PreK
Andrea Fidurko afidurko@hcsbobcats.org CSE Chairperson/Instructional Support
Lee Filbert lfilbert@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- Social Studies
Johanna Florez jflorez@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- English
LaDonna Freundschuh lfreundschuh@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- 6th Grade
Tamara George-Stevenson tgeorgestevenson@hcsbobcats.org Teacher-Physical Education/Health
Jennifer Glover jglover@hcsbobcats.org Teacher 8-12 Spanish
Christine Goodling cgoodling@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - 3rd grade
Susan Goodwin sgoodwin@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- Business
Bridget Henshaw bhenshaw@hcsbobcats.org Teacher- Science
Cheryl Hitchcock chitchcock@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - English
Jillian Holland jholland@hcsbobcats.org Teacher - Grade 4