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    All parents and athletes, please sign up for the notifications web site.   It is mandatory that each athlete and at least one parent sign up for this site.   This year more than ever we are seeing the importance of this type of communication.    ALL ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN CLEARED SO IF YOU HAD ONE IN THE PAST IT IS GONE!!!   Please make a new account.

    Step 1. Go to the web site Athletic Notifications Web Site

    Step 2.   From the list, click on Hinsdale
    Step 3. At the top of the page towards the right, click "notify me"
    Step 4. Check the boxes for the sports of which you want to be notified
    Step 5. Click continue
    Step 6. There will be a drop down asking you how long before games you wish to be reminded of the game.           (The box to the right should already be checked. This is important as this is your notification that a change has been made. If it is checked leave it,  if not, check it)
    Step 7 Click continue
    Step 8 Fill out all the info in the boxes. Please read the disclaimer about spam blockers
    Step 9 Click Save Settings

    You are finished.   It will tell you if you left something blank.   A second email is not needed.

    If you need to get back into the program and make changes to your profile, you can do that. Please remember your password.

    Thank you for participating in this program. If you have any problems please call me at 557-2227 ext 420. I will be glad to help you.
    If it is an emergency call 378-8737