Science Fair Due Dates

    Below is a list of dates when different parts of the science fair project is due. Students have been given packets detailing the meaning of what each section is.


    9/29/2017:  Approval of Science Fair Idea


    10/6/2017:  Statement of Purpose


    10/13/2017:  Articles


    10/20/2017:  Works Cited


    10/27/2017:  Draft of Research Essay


    11/3/2017:  Final Research Essay


    11/9/2017:  Hypothesis


    11/17/2017:  Draft of Lab Write-Up


    12/1/2017:  Final Lab Write-Up


    12/8/2017:  Blank Data Tables


    12/11/2017 – 1/11/2018: Students should be conducting experiments


    12/15/2017:  Title Page


    12/21/2017:  Table of Contents


    1/12/2018: Data Tables and Graphs


    1/19/2018: Results and Conclusions


    1/25/18: Abstract


    2/2/2018: Display Boards Completed


    2/5-2/19/2018:  Oral Presentations


    2/13/2018:  HSC Science Fair