• From the Superintendent….

    As you read this, summer will be coming to a close, and we will now turn our thoughts to the beginning of yet another successful year of school at Hinsdale CSD. Please review the following:

    New Faculty Members/Roles 

    We welcome the following: Lauren Kirchner, Instrumental Music Teacher. Lauren earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Music from SUNY Fredonia; Katelynn Atteberry, formerly our Elementary Pre-K Teacher will move to Grade K for this year; Sabrina Dunn, formerly our Grade 5 Elementary Teacher will move to Elementary Special Education; finally, Rebecca Long, a graduate of Hinsdale and certified in Special Education will be a long term substitute in Elementary Special Education.

    We look forward to having all contribute in the education of your children!

    Capital Project Update

    The Capital Project is coming together nicely! At this time, the following Major Components are complete: Educational Pavilion with walkway; New Layout/Resurfacing of Back Parking Lot; Baseball/Softball Dugouts; Physical Education Storage; Upper and Lower Gym Renovation; Tennis and Basketball Courts Resurfacing; Natural Gas Hookup is complete; New Classroom Security Doors throughout the building; and Concrete repairs in sidewalks where needed. The following are nearing completion: Regulation Soccer Field; New Front Steps with Railing; New Main Entrance with Security Upgrades; New Door Locking System throughout the building; New Security Cameras; New LED Lighting throughout the building; finally, Bus Garage repairs.

    I will hold a Coffee with the Community this fall for further updates and details.

    Strategic Plan Implementation

    During the 2018-2019 school-year, we (faculty, staff, students, community, administration and BOE) worked very hard implementing year 6 of the Strategic Plan.  Our main focus was the five main task groups, which are Academic, Financial, Student Engagement, Community Engagement and Safety. In addition, we worked hard on continuing to develop the elementary, middle and high school professional learning communities or PLC’s. The PLC groups have successfully focused on Writing, ELA and Math Initiatives, Consistent Student Instruction (Explicit Direct Instruction), and Culture (Growth Mindset and Restorative Practices).

    Research has proven that engaged students simply perform better and are happier individuals. In fact, Hinsdale CSD’s Grade 3-8 NYS Test Scores are among the highest in the area!

    Below is a quick overview of our time frame, vision statement, mission statement, core beliefs, core belief statements, 21st Century Skills, and most importantly, our Task Force Areas.

    Strategic Plan - Hinsdale Central School

    Time frame: 2014-2020                                                                   

    Vision Statement: Hinsdale CSD will be a premier rural school district in New York State by  2020.

    Mission Statement: Our Hinsdale community engages and inspires all students to be responsible, respectful 21st Century Learners prepared to succeed in a competitive world.

    Core Beliefs: We are….

    Balanced                                 Perseverant

    Optimistic                               Respectful

    Benevolent                              Inspired

    Creative                                  Dedicated

    Academic                                Enthusiastic


    • A lifelong learner is balanced in academic, extra-curricular activities, family and community.
    • An optimistic school community looks forward to its successful future.
    • Benevolence strengthens the sense of community.
    • Creativity is welcomed and encouraged.
    • Academics are fundamental for success.
    • Trustworthy individuals hold the key to respect.
    • Perseverance leads to success.
    • A respectful school environment is imperative for everyone’s learning.
    • Inspired learners of all ages are engaged.
    • Dedicated stakeholders create/inspire motivation.
    • Being enthusiastic is inspiring and contagious.

    21st Century Learning Skills 

    • Ways of Thinking: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning.
    • Ways of Working: communication and collaboration.
    • Tools for Working: information and communications technology and information literacy.
    • Skills for Living in the World: citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility. 

    Focus Areas Identified as follows:

    1. Academic High Performance
    2. Student Engagement
    3. Fiscal Stewardship
    4. Connected Community
    5. Risk Management/Safety

    We are very excited to start on implementing year 7 this endeavor. Our plan is to continue to emphasize “quality over quantity” and to do all things together as a faculty, in order to maximize the lasting potential for our students. One of our main PLC focus points for the upcoming school year is continuing to implement our past initiatives and introduce Restorative Practices.  

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the following PLC facilitators were identified: in grades preK-3, Christine Goodling (3) and Jenny Bergstrom (1); in grades 4-6, Sara Centanni (5) and Karen-Layman Woolston (6); and in grades 7-12, Warren Schulze (Science grades 7-12) and Jennifer Glover (Spanish Teacher grades 7-12). 

    In conclusion, we look forward with anticipation in serving the children and young adults again passing through our doors this fall. Keeping in mind the goals we have for all students – an education which will take them from where they are now and moving them into the future equipped with the 21st Century Skills they need for success.



    Larry Ljungberg