• Here are some activities that might be helpful to start your child with identifying, naming, and writing letters and numbers! Good luck and have fun
    Flash cards-
    • make both upper and lowercase letter sets and numbers to 20 on index cards.
    • Pull out letters in your child's name; once they have those mastered add more. 
    • show them the letter card, if they are having trouble tell them the name of the letter and have them repeat several times out loud.

    Memory Matching Games-

    • Use uppercase and lowercase letter or number sets. 
    • Use only 6-8 matches at a time
    • Flip cards over and have child match to identical number or letter, or have them match upper to lowercase or number to quantity set.
    • Have child identify what they turned over number, quantity, letter, and whether upper or lowercase.If they make a match they keep them if not they turn them back over
    • Player two repeats directions above
    • The person with the most matches wins!

    Shaving cream or Playdough

    • While in the bathtub have your child write letters on the wall.  Or you can write the letter or number and have your child identify it.
    • Roll playdough into long snake like pieces and have child form different letters and numbers.

    Sound Sort

    • Mix up 2-3 sets of pictures (from magazines or internet) that have the same beginning sounds, then have child sort pictures by their same beginning sound.