• ENG 1510 - English Composition - Prequesite accuplacer writing 4+ reading 90+. 
    ENG 1510 English Composition I — Fall Semester.
    Students will learn to write precise,  --clear, substantive essays. Students will work with multi-page papers, organization, and mechanics. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, reading, and writing. Three credit hours.
    English 1530/English Composition II - Spring Semester.
    Prerequisite: Admission by placement score of 7 - 9 on written JCC exam and reading score of 40+ or successful completion of English 1510.
    Texts Used: The Norton Reader, The Everyday Writer, Writing Research Papers.
    Students will learn to write in clear, precise, substantial, and logical essays. They will develop critical thinking skills required in higher education, employment and life. Focus on MLA citation. Students will also learn to conduct research and write a lengthy research paper. The final exam for this course is based on essays provided by JCC and is graded by both the teacher and a professor from JCC. (JCC has indicated as of 2017 that this final exam may change to be the research paper only.)
    English 1540/Writing About Literature - Winter/Spring 3rd and 4th quarters.
    (Currently not offered) 
    Prerequisite: Successful Completion of English 1530.
    Texts Covered: Beowulf, author unknown; The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer; Macbeth, Shakespeare; Victorian Poets; The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde; Wuthering Heights, Bronte; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare.
    Students will learn to write precise, clear, substantial, and logical essays about fiction, poetry, and drama. This course is a continuation of what has been learned in English 1530 about MLA citation and research. These skills will be necessary for successful completion of English 1540.
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