8th & 10th Grade Health

  • This year we are following a hybrid model of class attendance.  Every day the students will either be in class or remote. We are following a synchronous model where the remote students are attending class with the in person students all on line.  All assignments are listed on Teams. The students turn in their assignments directly through Teams.  All grades are recorded on Power School.  I allow students to turn in late work so all assignments missed can be turned in.  If a student misses a video assignment they are able to make up the missed assignmnent by doing an article assignment. The student can pick a health issue that interests them from Kids Health.  The students have the website on their make up work assignment. They write 5 facts per article and get credit for missed work. If you have questions about your childs Health work, please contact me.  I put a number of helpful websites on my page  concerning health related information.  Please check them out.


    The question I am trying to ask and explore with the students is, "What does it mean to live in a healthy way, physically, emotionally, socially in todays culture?"


    Course Content:


    Mental Health





    Sexual Education