• Dear BOBCAT Parents,


    Some thoughts as our extended closure continues.

    As a parent your role in your child's overall activity and physical health has never been more important.  Now is the time to be positive and share in the enjoyment of taking part in your child's play.  Children learn through movement and the social interactions related to movement.  Perform activities outdoors when the weather allows.  Aerobic activity is best suited to outdoor areas.

    Success is the greatest motivator there is.  Regardless of the activity, start with activities your child can perform.  Novelty also motivates children.  Change activities often and use different pieces of equipment if possible.

    Do activity in short spurts.  Children especially young children quickly become fatigued and bored.  It is best to stop any activity before your child becomes frustrated.  Most importantly reinforce effort and trying.  Pushing for a successful performance will result in frustration.  If your child struggles with an activity it is best to move on to another activity and come back to the activity later or another day.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I am checking my email: cblocher@hcsbobcats.org frequently and getting back to everyone as quickly as I can.  I have posted activities and will continue to post new activities on my webpage in hopes of keeping the students active while our closure continues.



    Mr. Blocher

Last Modified on April 1, 2020