• Mrs. Sempolinski’s 12th Grade Government  Class


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Angie Sempolinski

    Phone:  (716) 557-2227 ext. 263

    Email: asempolinski@hcsbobcats.org

    Room: 63


    Required Materials:

                Folder, Paper, Something to write with

    Grading Policy

                Grades are based on a percentage scale:

                Homework: 20%

                Tests/Projects: 40%

                Quizzes: 30%

                Participation: 10%

    Late work will be accepted, but with valid reason for lateness. (ie- death in family, medical emergency, etc.)

    Government Units/Topics that will be Covered:

    1. Foundations of all Governments
    2. Foundations of American Government
    3. Legislative Branch
    4. Executive Branch
    5. Judicial Branch
    6. The Presidents Cabinet
    7. State Governments
    8. Current Events and People in Government

    Absentee Policy

    Students will be allowed time to complete missed assignments, per the school policies outlined in the student handbook. 


    Behavior Policy

    Students will be subject to guidelines posted in the school handbook.


    Keys to Success

    • Try Hard. Effort = Success!
    • Be Responsible. Make sure you are managing your time, and completing tasks required. Knowing how to balance school, activities, work, and home is a valuable life skill.
    • Be creative and critical thinkers. Use your brain! Find your talents and use them to the best of your ability. Think outside of the box.
    • Come to class on time and prepared.
    • Have fun.



    What I expect of you:

    1. You will be prepared for class every day.
    2. Noise should be kept at a minimal volume.
    3. You will be respectful to yourself, your classmates, your classroom, and your teachers.
    4. You will be hard working and responsible.


    What you can expect of me:

    1. I will give you respect and treat you in a manner that you demonstrate you want to be treated as.
    1. I will grade papers fair and quickly, and put the grades up and hand back papers as soon as possible.
    2. I will provide help when needed and stay after school/come early to provide it.  My room is also open throughout the day as long as I do not have a class.
    3. I will challenge and push you to be your best and prepare you for life outside of high school