• Math 8 is a one year class where students will take the NYS exam at the end of the year. We will be using an adapted form of the NYS Modules. Homework, Quests and upcoming exams will be posted on their TEAMS page, and written on the board in class. Students should utilize their planners to write down important dates.

    For more information on the modules that have been adapted, visit www.engageny.org


    Math 8 school year 2021-2022:

    I am happy to say that we will be back full time this year! Students will be in class 5 days a week for a full 43 minutes. I am hopeful that we will have more time to grapple with the content, ask questions and explore what 8th grade math has to offer! I hope your students are looking forward to being back.  

    For Math 8: Students will need a folder or binder and lots of pencils. I will hand out a note packet that covers an entire unit of study. Each day we will go through the notes and there will be a homework assignment. Homework assignments should not be more than half an hour to complete and they will have time at the end of class the begin them. They should expect homework every night as with math, you truly need to practice the skills to learn them. They should expect to participate in class by giving answers, or thought process that they had to solve a question. Students will also be given a Quest assignment that is approximately a 3 week homework assignment (They are a bit longer than daily assignments) that cover everything we have learned. This is a good way to review and continue practicing old skills.

    IF your child has to quarantine, we will still be utilizing teams as a way to continue learning. Your student should log on to their teams page and join the class virtually. They are still expected to complete all homework and class assignments, that way they are ready to go when they get back. 

    Here are my expectations for when your child is at home learning:

    1. They MUST sign on at the time they would normally have class.
      1. Students will be monitored when they are home and at what time they join the meeting and leave the meeting. If they join late, they will be marked late. If they leave early for no reason, they will be marked absent for the day. If they do not show up at all, they will be marked absent. If they need to leave for a reason, they must let me know.
    2. Then they will be responsible for completing the work that is set out for them during this time.
      1. Usually this entails working through notes and practice problems on new content.  
      2. This might be finishing homework, completing an online assignment, or working on an IReady assignment. 
    3. If students have questions, there will be videos they can watch to assist them, or they can send me a message on teams that I will get back to during my next free period
      1. EVERY single lesson of new content has a video on TEAMS that they can watch or re-watch if they need a reminder, or missed that day of class. Students are expected to stay up to date with their notes even on days they are absent.
    4. If your student is in an AIS with me, they should expect to log on to a zoom meeting and join the rest of the AIS class.
      1. This will be a time they can also ask questions and get direct teacher assistance
    5. On Wednesday: your child should be logging on to a zoom session with the teacher for direct instruction.
      1. We will be learning a new lesson on this day
    6. Students should be checking their emails and teams account multiple times a day for updated information and assignments
    7. Your child is encouraged to send me a message through teams if they have any questions and I will get back to them on my earliest prep or time available


    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or my school extension and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look foeward to working with your students!